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This section is a bit long & boring, but then at least you are informed!

Both the ‘face painter’ and the ‘client’ will be entering in to a formal agreement, the legal bit of which should cover us both…..so grab yourself a cup of something nice, a biscuit or two and settle down!

Bookings and Payment

Early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment; payment can be made either by cheque or BACS.  Full details will be sent with your booking form/invoice.

Please note that face painting services are not booked and confirmed until either a deposit has been paid to Face Paint Me Happy and cleared into their account, or the full amount has been paid and cleared. You, the client, will receive confirmation from Face Paint Me Happy (usually by email or telephone) acknowledging payment and confirming the booking.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required no later than 15 days after a confirmation email or booking form/invoice has been sent to confirm the date of your event.  Face Paint Me Happy will ‘reserve’ your date for those 15 days until payment is received.  

However, if after 15 days have passed, and no payment has been received, Face Paint Me Happy reserves the right to fill the date with an alternative client.

Face Paint Me Happy works on a first come, first served basis therefore your prompt booking and payment is appreciated.  If, for whatever reason, you decide not to go ahead with the booking within the 15 day period, please let Face Paint Me Happy know so they can make the date available again as soon as possible for someone else – thank you.

All balance payments are to be made in cash on the day of the event prior to the face painter setting up.

Any additional time or requirements should be agreed prior to the event, wherever possible i.e.: if there is a change in numbers/theme/change of venue etc.

Any additional hours agreed to be serviced on the day of the event will be charged at the pre-agreed hourly rate, unless the face painter pre-agrees a revised rate for extra time on the day with the client.  The face painter may ask for payment in cash up front or at the end of the new time agreed – whichever is most appropriate for the situation.

Last Minute Bookings – these can be made providing the date is available. Payment terms are as above, and will be confirmed when making your last minute booking.  If you are booking with less than a week to go, and the date is available, payment must be made on the day in full in cash to the face painter, prior to the face painter setting up.  A booking confirmation/invoice will be emailed/posted which will act as a binding agreement between the client and Face Paint Me Happy.

General Terms & Conditions

Whilst the face painter will encourage a person who is reluctant, they will only face paint a person who wants to be face painted.

Faces/symbols that the face painter considers to be offensive will not be painted.

Venues other than your home: it is the client’s responsibility when booking a chosen venue/event to obtain permission for Face Paint Me Happy to paint at the venue/event.

The client is responsible for informing persons and parents of those children attending events that there will be a face painter present and to advise the face painter if there are any persons/children that cannot be painted.

Good lighting is required, whether in the form of natural lighting or lights/lamps. The face painter will usually provide face painting chairs and a table.  The face painter will advise if anything more is required eg: more chairs for queuing clients.  

If your event is to be outside, cover/shelter will be required from wind, sun and rain – don’t you just love the British climate?!

It is up to the discretion of the face painter as to when the queue is closed, so as the face painter can finish at the agreed time.

Face Paint Me Happy reserves the right to publicise their business through postcards/business cards/ posters/social media etc where appropriate, unless specifically requested not to do so.

Photographs of face painted clients may be taken by Face Paint Me Happy, unless requested not to by parents/clients/children.  The photographs are intended for portfolio use, and will not feature a person’s name.  Photographs may be used for future marketing material & displayed on the website www.facepaintmehappy.co.uk, unless the client specifically asks not to do so.  Face Paint Me Happy may also display photographs on their Facebook page, ‘Face Paint Me Happy’, unless the client specifically asks not to do so.


Face Paint Me Happy is fully insured & CRB checked.

Parents are responsible for their children at all times. For safety reasons, please don’t allow children (or adults!) to play in the area being painted in or to touch the equipment.  All damages will be charged to the client.  

Face Paint Me Happy uses professional water-based face paints, glitter and powder products, which are EEC cosmetic grade approved; they are designed specifically for use on the face.

People who have not been face painted before require a skin test, which can be done at the beginning of a session.  These people need to be identified early to avoid disappointment. Whilst there is very little risk to being face painted, people do so at their own risk.

Face Paint Me Happy will not paint children under the age of 2 as they may have sensitive skin and tend to be too young to sit still.

Please refrain from putting any items on the face painters table – spillages can cause quite a bit of damage (particularly fizzy drinks)!


Any person with cold sores, conjunctivitis, open wounds or any apparent skin/eye infection or disease will not be painted.  The face painters’ decision is final.

In the unlikely event of a skin reaction (itching/swelling/discomfort), face paint should be washed off immediately with water and a soft cloth.  DO NOT USE SOAP as this will aggravate the skin further.

Sponges and brushes are washed with specialist soap between events as advised by FACE (the Face Painting Association www.facepaint.co.uk). Water is regularly changed during longer sessions along with sponges.

The face paints are easily removed with a face cloth and water.  Some stronger colours may ‘stain’ the skin a little; baby oil may be gently applied to these areas on the skin (unless your child is allergic) and removed with cotton wool/soft tissue.  

Any face paint which migrates on to clothing should wash out with normal detergent.  However, it is recommended that stained clothes are soaked in cold water first.  Face Paint Me Happy cannot be responsible for any stains which will not come out.


*Deposits/booking fees are non refundable on all events.

Corporate/Public Events:

For all corporate/public events, payment must be made in full 7 days or more prior to the event date.  Any cancellation notified to Face Paint Me Happy with at least 30 days notice will be eligible for a 50% refund.  Any cancellation notified after this period will result in the forfeit of all fees paid, unless in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of Face Paint Me Happy.

If your event is re-scheduled, please contact Face Paint Me Happy at the earliest opportunity, in order for us to come to an amicable agreement in servicing the new event date.

Private Events

For all private events, including children’s parties, a non refundable 50% deposit is required to be paid within 15 days of receiving your booking form/confirmation email to secure the date.  All outstanding balances to be paid on the day in cash to the face painter prior to setting up.

Any payments that have been made in full prior to the event are subject to a 50% refund providing at least 15 days notice has been received by Face Paint Me Happy.  Any cancellation notified after this period will result in the forfeit of all fees paid, unless in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of Face Paint Me Happy.

*If, in the unlikely event the booked face painter is unable to attend due to ill health, and a replacement cannot be found in time, all payments received will be refunded in full.  The client will be advised at the earliest notice possible.

Face Paint Me Happy would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business, and a positive working relationship for the future.

Phew! That about covers things!

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