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Boys, Girls & Grown Ups all love Face Paint Me Happy!

Here are just a few ‘real time’ faces I have painted; I hope you like what you see!

As a rough guide, I aim to paint 10-12 full face designs per hour, or 18 smaller motifs per hour….when queues are long, I can improvise relatively quickly!  If you have a limited budget but lots of children, please give me a call as there are a few very speedy designs that can be done to accommodate everyone.

If you have a special theme for your event, let me know so I can come up with appropriate designs; there is an additional cost for this service if the theme is ‘unusual’ as new designs take time and practice.

The photos below were taken with parent/guardian/client permission.  Please don’t copy my pictures for your own use, without consent – I think it is called ‘plagiarism’ or ‘infringement of copyright’; something scary like that!  Feel free to have a go at the same designs on your own budding models though…I like to inspire too!

You can see more photos by visiting my facebook page

Face Paint Me Happy

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