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For some reason us Brits are always a little shy when it comes to talking about money.  However, Face Paint Me Happy hopes to make it slightly less painful, by being fair and clear on how it charges for your event. Each event is unique, but as a rough guide, this is how Face Paint Me Happy works out a price for your event:

A standard hourly rate is charged per hour of face painting.  ‘Unusual’ hours are charged out at a higher rate.  The hourly rate is based on the experience of the face painter being booked.

There is a minimum 2 hour booking fee on all events.  I know, I know, but by the time Face Paint Me Happy gets there, sets up, paints, packs, travels back…unless you are on our doorstep, we may as well do it for free…and we are trying to run a business here!

From experience, Face Paint Me Happy has found that once they have finished painting the children, the parents want to have a go too, so the 2 hours is usually completely filled even if you only have a party of 10 children!  Face Paint Me Happy will always check with the event organiser if, having finished painting all guests, they are happy for the face painter to leave or not – nobody likes feeling short-changed!

Parking and transport charges (petrol costs) must be covered by the client in addition to the agreed hourly rate. Please let Face Paint Me Happy have the post code of your event so we can accurately charge this…we won’t be cheeky.  

As a rough guide, Face Paint Me Happy aims to paint 12 full faces per hour – or up to 18 speedier designs per hour.  Please bear this in mind when making a booking and be realistic.  

Occasionally, there is just not enough time to get everyone painted in the time booked – often because the guest list appears to magically grow without prior notice!  If Face Paint Me Happy can stay for longer, they will, but all additional time will be charged at the hourly rate agreed, unless entering in to ‘unusual hours’ territory (i.e. after 6pm).

Once details have been agreed for your event, Face Paint Me Happy will send you a confirmation booking form detailing the event, and the agreed fee.  Upon receipt of this, you will have up to 15 days to pay the agreed amount (a 50% deposit in advance or the full amount) either by cheque or BACS in order to secure the date with Face Paint Me Happy.  Once payment has been received and cleared, you, the client, will have entered into a formal and legally binding agreement with Face Paint Me Happy.

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