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‘A’ level art, an Art Foundation and a degree in Fashion Marketing from Northumbria University (which involved lots of fashion design, life and observational drawing and business/marketing know-how); all this possibly qualifies me enough to say that I am fairly arty! My first job was designing prints and packaging for high street chain-stores.

I first discovered face painting when working as a Blue Coat Entertainer at Pontins, Somerset in 1995.  I have been face painting on and off ever since.

Friends thought I was ‘wasting my degree’ and encouraged me to ‘get a real career’.  I trained as a buyer with Arcadia for four years, during which time I had to do a training course in ‘Presentation Skills’.  For one presentation, I bought a really basic set of face paints, and showed the rather gob-smacked audience how to face-paint a tiger!   They were spellbound; I should have known then that I was in the wrong job!

A few years later, I moved to Hong Kong with my boyfriend…where we got married quite soon after we arrived there. I needed to work, and saw an advert in a local ‘ex-pat’ magazine for a ‘Party Entertainer’ of all things….with my Blue Coat training behind me, I knew this was the job for me!

I joined ‘Rachael’s Fun House’ and had a great time; face painting, balloon twisting, party games and dances, puppet shows, sing-a-long…..you name it, I did it!!  Lots of children’s parties, along with corporate events including the Hong Kong Sevens and singing at the HK Entertainment Centre are just a couple of highlights….I look back now and I sometimes can’t believe that was me.

Since then, I’ve had children of my own and regularly volunteer for face painting at the school events.  I still love the magic and transformation you can make in just a few minutes to faces with face paints…it really is incredible.

I volunteer as a qualified TA at a local primary school and for Riding for the Disabled (RDA) every week.  I get a huge amount back from these, but it doesn’t help to pay the bills.  I have agonised over what I am to do which fits around the children, which I really enjoy and uses my creative talent.  It really was a ‘eureka’ moment one evening…to set up as a professional face painter.

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